[Talk-us] Any foursquare/OSM editing update? How about Craigslist?

Bryce Nesbitt bryce2 at obviously.com
Tue Jan 21 05:31:54 UTC 2014

Thanks for that  Randy.

Echoing your themes: the global home page, and especially the US home page,
do seem to assume people will jump right into general purpose mapping.  The
underlying assumption seems to be 'if *they* only had known OSM exists,
they'd become dedicated mappers'.

I think there is more potential in pulling people in via interest areas.
 Maybe it's specific POI types ( http://www.poi-factory.com/ ), or social
goals, or clubbing, or Realtors, surfing spots, mosques, environment,
amusement parks, or whatever.  I know I've brought in a few on water
fountain mapping, who would not otherwise have seen a meaning in mapping
via osm.

There are plenty of organizations that could contribute users in narrow
areas.  Rails to Trails Conservancy springs to mind, as do The Nature
Conservancy and Ducks Unlimited.
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