[Talk-us] Local user groups

Brian DeRocher brian at derocher.org
Wed Jan 22 05:09:50 UTC 2014

Here's an idea.  How about we get back to using Upcoming.org?  Oh yeah, it was bought by Yahoo and shutdown.  It's for this reason OSM runs their own web servers, wikis, mail servers.  I'm generally in support of running our own calendar server.

But as Paul said, being a calendar is only half of what's needed.  The other half is publicity and that's hard to find without existing social networks.

I've long been against using Meetup, but compromised, i mean, experimented with it.   And i must admit it worked quite well for the US Winter Editathon.  The publicity aspect of Meetup really gets people to your events.  Though i wonder if these people are the long term contributors to OSM that we want.

I'll continue to use Meetup under some new conditions:

(1) The event posted on Meetup must say that RSVPing on Meetup is not required.
(2) If an RSVP is required, say due to room size constraints, to RSVP elsewhere, say by email.
(3) The event is posted in several channels: mailing list, facebook, twitter, and flyers [1]

All that being said, i'm looking into setting up CivCRM to support MappingDC.  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CiviCRM

[1] Yeah i posted flyers at work.


Brian DeRocher

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