[Talk-us] Help needed with polygon/membership of admin area in Willits, CA

stevea steveaOSM at softworkers.com
Sun Jan 26 20:12:00 UTC 2014

Common "outlying areas" of "corporate municipality" (city) boundaries 
in the USA include landfills, recycling/material storage/transfer 
centers, corporation yards (equipment storage and/or service areas, 
sometimes fabrication, e.g. signage), water and sewage treatment 
plants, and in some cases even (city) parks and recreation areas, 
such as a city-owned public golf course.  It is legal, and actually 
somewhat common, for boundaries of a single political entity to be 
discontiguous, whether of a city or even a country.

OSM's multipolygon relation is an excellent data structure to capture 
the semantics of the multiple-polygon nature of such single entities 
as a city with multiple exclaves like this.  However, it is crucial 
to apply correct syntax of proper tags on the multipolygon relation, 
as well as roles on the member polygons.


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