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Richard Weait richard at weait.com
Thu May 15 20:37:40 UTC 2014

Welcome Hans,

When I'm unsure how to map something, I follow a process something like
this, to find out how other mappers have approached it.

Wikipedia might be a good place to find a common name for a particular
feature like chicane.  If you don't know that it's called a chicane, of
that it is for "traffic calming", things are a bit harder.

>From there, I'd look for existing instances of "chicane" in the database.
Taginfo is great for this.  Visit http://taginfo.osm.org and enter chicane
in the search box. Then select the values tab.  Or use this link.


from there, we can see that more than 5000 traffic_calming=chicane objects
exist in the current database, and variants are much less frequent.
Selecting "chicane" from the traffic_calming line in the table, then the
"wiki" ta, exposes the link to the wiki page for this element


And that rather confirms that you have found what you are looking for.  And
all in the context of what other mappers are already using, so we can avoid
duplicating effort by 'creating' a new tagging standard.

Best regards,

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