[Talk-us] Mapnik not rendering leisure=nature_reserve

stevea steveaOSM at softworkers.com
Fri May 23 23:15:59 UTC 2014

Awww:  mapnik recently stopped rendering leisure=nature_reserve!  As 
I have tagged many, many natural preserves and wilderness boundaries, 
I will REALLY miss seeing the little green "NR" text on areas with 
this very high level of protection.  Can we bring this back?  Please? 
Was it just an oversight / mistake?

I know, I know:  a rendering is not "the map" as the tags are still 
there.  Nonetheless, beautiful renderings that included NR where it 
exists simply don't visually convey fully accurate information any 
longer.  Is that what our map is becoming?  Mapnik is known as our 
"Standard" renderer, our "trade dress" if you will.  While I fully 
support it becoming better, I (and I suspect many others) must say 
something when I see it becoming stupider.  Truly, I hope this was 
just an honest mistake and somebody takes this as (a slightly 
impolite) bug report.

Does stuff like this just happen (sneakily) in the middle of the 
night?  No discussion?  No wider consensus?

Who DO we talk to about changes/improvements in the mapnik renderer 
style sheet (changes)?  Will they even listen?

Thanks to anybody who might answer this shout into the (mapnik 
renderer) wilderness,


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