[Talk-us] ODBL for Spatial Analysis

William Morris wboykinm at geosprocket.com
Sat May 24 15:40:46 UTC 2014

Please let me know if I should direct this at a different list, but I
have a basic question about the implications of the ODBL:

OSM is brimming with great POIs and network features; I'd like to use
some of these categories to answer broad questions like "How far is
this customer from the nearest park/school/whatever"? Unfortunately,
I'm not precisely sure of my legal obligation once I've answered that
question. Specifically, would I be required to contribute the location
of the customer back to OSM? If not, does that still hold when I
upscale it to millions of customers?

Thanks for the assistance, in any case. I know this is a somewhat
contentious issue for the community, and I'd rather not make any


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