[Talk-us] Importing parks and schools for Anne Arundel County MD

Gregory Arenius gregory at arenius.com
Fri May 30 07:52:30 UTC 2014

Hi Eric,

  It looks like a good start to me.  There were a couple of things that
stuck out to me: many of the parks and schools are already in OSM, even if
just as a GNIS point.  Also, many of the curves in the import are over
digitized.  We don't need curves of that size to have that many points.

  The dataset isn't very large which makes it much easier to manage.  I
don't know how you planned on doing the import but below is my suggestion
for how to go about it.

  I wouldn't import the data per say, as in uploading the .osm file you
have.  I would download the current OSM data for the area covered.  Then,
in the import file I would check each polygon, one at a time, for
duplicates and boundaries that are overdigitized for OSM.  If the polygon
needs to be simplified, JOSM has a simplify way tool (Shift + Y) that does
the job handily.  If the park or school is already in OSM I would use my
judgement.  If it was put in manually by another mapper I would leave it
alone.  If it is a GNIS point, delete the GNIS point, since your data is
better than the GNIS points from what I can see.  Then, copy it over from
the import layer to the OSM layer, and delete if from the import layer.
That way the import layer only has the polygons you haven't imported yet so
you can easily keep track of things if it takes a few sessions to finish.
This method makes sure that everything is at least looked at before its
added which results in things being much more sane.  It also allows you to
add address data to the schools or trace courts and playing fields in the
parks if you feel like doing so, although its definitely not necessary.

  I've used the above method for importing school and park polygons in a
couple of small areas before and it worked wonderfully.

  The only other thing that stuck out to me about the data was the B & A
trail.  You have a polygon for the trail which is awesome but I would also
add in a properly tagged linear way.  It will make it possible for routers
to use it as well as rendering properly.

  Good luck!


On Thu, May 29, 2014 at 7:12 PM, Eric H. Christensen <
eric at christensenplace.us> wrote:

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> On Thu, Dec 12, 2013 at 05:17:59PM -0800, Paul Norman wrote:
> > You'll need to develop a translation for the shapefiles that converts
> > shapefile attributes to OSM tags, for use with ogr2osm or shp2osm.jar.
> > This is moderately technical.
> I used JOSM to import the shapefiles and turn them into .osm files.  I
> went through and removed attributes that didn't make sense (which would be
> almost all of them) and added ones that did.  Everything appears to have a
> name and is either a school or a park (and contains appropriate attributes
> for that).
> > When you've done that, post the .osm file somewhere and send a link
> > to the imports@ list for review.
> I ended up splitting the data into two files.  The first[0] contains
> simple polygons that outline the plots of land and was somewhat easy to get
> fixed.  The second[1] contains all the multi-polygon shapes that I didn't
> want to deal with just yet.  There are only a handful of these areas so I'm
> not overly worried about them just yet.
> Everything is sitting up on github[2] at the moment and are available for
> anyone to take a look at.  I'd appreciate feedback on this.
> [0]
> https://raw.githubusercontent.com/mappingdc/Anne-Arundel-imports/master/AA_parks.osm
> [1]
> https://raw.githubusercontent.com/mappingdc/Anne-Arundel-imports/master/AA_parks_multipolygons.osm
> [2] https://github.com/mappingdc/Anne-Arundel-imports
> Thanks!
> - --Eric
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