[Talk-us] USBRS WikiProject seeks volunteer mappers

stevea steveaOSM at softworkers.com
Sat May 31 19:17:10 UTC 2014

OSM's USBRS WikiProject seeks volunteer mappers to help map new 
APPROVED United States Bicycle Routes.  Please see 
, a reference and status report for the project.  Effective 

USBR 1 in Massachusetts
USBR 10 in Washington state
USBR 36 and 37 in Illinois
USBR 50 in the District of Columbia and
USBR 50 in Ohio

were declared by AASHTO as approved national routes.  These are 
essentially equivalent to freshly opened Interstate highways, except 
these are for bicycles.  Very helpful would be additional experienced 
OSM volunteers, comfortable editing OSM relations, to 
improve/complete USBRs 1, 10, 37 and 50 (in Ohio) by adding 
additional route members to a relation from a soft-copy map or text 
description of the route.

If you wish to help build our national bicycle network in OSM, please 
contact me to obtain route data to enter into OSM.  The wiki offers 
technical/tagging guidance, as well as acts as a progress reporting 

It is important to communicate your intentions and progress via email 
or preferably wiki.  The project has established process and enjoys 
new growth by asking widely for additional volunteers, so please pay 
attention to the many moving parts by keeping communication flowing 
where it needs to.  (Get route data via email, wiki update your 
progress).  USBRS is ~10,000 kilometers and has momentum to grow to 
20,000 in the medium-term future.  Help out by adopting a route near 

Though this work isn't difficult, each route might take a few hours 
of effort starting with an email.  After you complete a route in OSM, 
one reward is to see the red line of a new, official USBR blossom in 
Cycle Map layer.  Other rewards happen for on-the-ground participants 
(cities, counties, state DOTs, the public, stakeholders, bicycle 
coalition groups...), who see the route in our widely available map. 
This encourages more routes to emerge in a geographically friendly 
way, facilitating harmonious progress and further growth in our 
national bicycle network.

To begin your contributions to this OSM WikiProject, reply using 
steveaOSM at softworkers (dot) com.  Put "USBR mapping in OSM" in the 
Subject line and say where you'd like to map.  Thank you!

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