[Talk-us] Who controls data: Google Maps, others erasing Hollywood sign, but it's in OSM

Martin Koppenhoefer dieterdreist at gmail.com
Wed Nov 26 17:00:11 UTC 2014

2014-11-25 16:48 GMT+01:00 Andrew Wiseman <awiseman at gmail.com>:

> Interesting, but now it doesn't render. I saw it was gone and worried
> somebody from that article took it off. Can we include a point in the
> relation for it, so that it does render?

Someone has indeed done this. IMHO we shouldn't duplicate the data (or
non-data, in this case there are no more tags than name and
tourism=attraction on the new node), we should find a way to render the
name from the relation without "tagging for the renderer"-hacks. This would
include changing osm2pgsql to deal with site-relations.

I couldn't find any ticket for site-relations in the osm2pgsql and
osm-carto repos, so I have added them.


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