[Talk-us] State highway refs (was Re: New I.D Feature)

Dave Mansfield mansfieldd at chartermi.net
Sun Nov 30 04:50:52 UTC 2014

Please forgive me I’m not trying to stir things up. I’m new to OSM and trying to learn and I don’t have any idea what the NE2 you refer to is.


I understand that a lot of things are tagged different then what I would think do to standards. I understand that and I’m doing everything I can to learn the correct way to tag. I’m always looking at the Wiki and also how others are tagging. I’ve also sent emails asking for help on tagging. I understand that we normally don’t abbreviate but that states are the exception and we use the 2 letter abbreviation. So I’m only trying to learn but in this case a ref tag seems like a name tag for the name of the route to me and I’m having a hard time understanding why we would tag a name something other then what it is.


Is there someplace I can go to read why it’s this way?




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I'm going to say that the wiki is presently wrong compared to consensus previously arrived at on the tagging list regarding this issue the last 971151183 times that this has come up, largely as a result of previous efforts by NE2 to game the renderer...


On Sat, Nov 29, 2014 at 9:31 PM, Dave Mansfield <mansfieldd at chartermi.net <mailto:mansfieldd at chartermi.net> > wrote:

>From the Wiki  


“The two letter abbreviation for the state per the United States Postal Service's  <https://www.usps.com/send/official-abbreviations.htm> state abbreviation list, another abbreviation used by the state (such as SR for State Road), or no prefix. Different states may have different standards for which to use, and there is no current inter-state standard.”

I take the “Different states may have different standards for which to use” to mean that not all states use the two letter abbreviation and in states that don’t we should use that states standard for example Michigan uses M. The highway behind my house is M-15 and singed that way so I would think it should be tagged that way. Am I reading the Wiki wrong?






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On Sun, Nov 9, 2014 at 3:10 AM, Shawn K. Quinn <skquinn at rushpost.com <mailto:skquinn at rushpost.com> > wrote:

So, a couple of questions:

1. What, exactly, is fair game to change to a state abbreviation


Fair game nationwide, two letter state abbreviations should be used for the primary state highway network.


2. Which states spell out the name in the ref?
I know Kansas uses K-123, and Michigan uses M-123. Are there any others
to be careful of?


Kansas should be KS 123, Michigan should be MI 123.


Ultimately, though, both should be part of route relations that describe the route so we can quit adding ref=* to the incorrect entity (it's not the way's ref, it's the route's!).


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