[Talk-us] changeset 25081346 spanning contiguous United States

Peter Dobratz peter at dobratz.us
Mon Oct 6 16:33:08 UTC 2014


I noticed the following changeset which touches UPS Store objects across
the whole contiguous United States:


I have contacted user andrewpmk inquiring about communications prior to
making this change and I have not received a response.

After checking a few of the objects, it looks like this change removed
"shop=copyshop" and added "amenity=post_office".  I don't necessarily
disagree with this change.  In my mind I had been reserving post_office for
entities controlled by the government-run United States Postal Service, but
after reading the wiki I see that private companies can be also designated
as post_office, and the UPS Store certainly fulfills many of the same
functions as government-run post offices.

I don't think that sweeping changes like this across large geographic areas
should be made without communication of some kind.  One option would be
sending OSM Messages to all of the users whose work is being changed.
Another option would be sending a message to this talk-us mailing list.
 Is there some other communication channel that I'm not aware of?

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