[Talk-us] Coastal Maine needs love

stevea steveaOSM at softworkers.com
Wed Oct 15 23:50:44 UTC 2014

...Eric Kidd <emk.lists at randomhacks.net> wrote:
>Special thanks to Peter for his experience with similar issues in 
>New Hampshire.

I want to more widely also thank Peter Dobratz for stepping up nicely 
to the USBR 1 in Massachusetts effort.  Not only did he quickly 
complete yeoman work on entering the route data, he corrected my 
erroneous (mistaken) request to conflate actual and proposed route 
data into one relation.  Purely a careless oversight on my part:  of 
course, there should be two relations (one actual, one pending). 
Thank you Peter:  now there are.


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