[Talk-us] tasks.openstreetmap.us

stevea steveaOSM at softworkers.com
Wed Oct 22 02:00:47 UTC 2014

>Is there a criteria or set of requirements to mark a task as 
>"featured" on that, or is it curated in some way?

A valid question deserving of wider discussion.  This touches upon 
the regional-meets-national-meets-local nature of connectivity (and 
networking, and project development and volunteer recruiting, there 
is a lot of overlap here...) in the USA in re OSM.

Cake maps are useful, tasking managers are useful, but these really 
are methods for users to discover greater connectivity between each 
other:  volunteer meets volunteer that didn't know they were working 
towards similar/same goals, but are in a regional context together, 
and wish to share.

We (OSM in USA) deeply, deeply, need to encourage and grow this, and 
activities like it, and tools to facilitate it/them.  Let's enable 
greater connectivity, communication, project coordination, et cetera 
here.  Wider conversations are helpful.  Imagine things that haven't 
yet been imagined here.  That's a good start.


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