[Talk-us] Prima Facie Speed Limits

Andrew Guertin andrew.guertin at uvm.edu
Tue Sep 9 13:10:30 UTC 2014

On 09/08/2014 05:27 PM, Tod Fitch wrote:
> [...]
> instead there is a state wide prima facie limit:
> "source:maxspeed=US:CA:residential"
> [...]

My state doesn't have such a limit, but my city does. Supposing I 
started tagging things with source:maxspeed=US:VT:Burlington, would 
anyone be upset that "Burlington" and "residential" are in the same 
place in the hierarchy?

(I'm hoping the answer here is no one cares, the value isn't intended to 
be machine parsable, and both values are understandable by humans.)


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