[Talk-us] Best practices for high-density residential

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I'm planning to import all the addressed buildings in Indianapolis into OSM.
Others have done similar things in other places.  I have an advantage, in
that I have access to Indianapolis' GIS data, so the building outlines are
already created.  The addresses are attached to the buildings too.  So I
wouldn't worry about having too much detail.






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> On Mar 31, 2015, at 10:07 AM, Steve Friedl <steve at unixwiz.net
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> Hi all,


> I've been doing OSM for around a month, and have been mainly focusing on

> local neighborhood in Foothill Ranch (Orange County in Southern

> As a kind of showcase I'm going quite hyperbolic with detail, far more

> I'd do anywhere else, and it's been helpful to understand the tradeoffs of

> effort vs results.


> My area: http://www.openstreetmap.org/#map=16/33.6851/-117.6514 - it's the

> whole set of tracts that form a "thumb" above Bake Parkway.


> 1) Address points -vs- house outlines?


> . . .


> What are the thoughts on points vs outlines?



What we focus on mapping depends on our individual interests. For myself in
built up areas that will be things that make automobile routing better
(addresses, speed limits, turn lanes, road surfaces). I do, however, map
buildings fairly often when adding addresses.


I prefer outlines but don't always use them. Usually I'll put in points
after my initial walking survey as it is fast and easy. Using OSMpad and
JOSM it only takes a couple of minutes to upload address points. But it
takes time to trace the building outlines from MapBox or Bing imagery so
that comes later or not at all depending on my interest in the area.



> 2) Are rectangular house outlines good enough?




If I am taking the time to do a building outline then I like it to be as
faithful to the actual outline as I can make it.



> 3) Driveways?


> Most houses are obviously on one street or another, but some houses are on

> corner, or are with multiple houses sharing a common driveway, so adding

> actual driveways helps make it clear how it's laid out.


> Example: the houses at the north end of Calotte Place:

> http://www.openstreetmap.org/#map=19/33.68120/-117.64836


I've only bothered adding driveways in a suburban area if there were a
cluster of houses with a shared driveway away from the street where they are
officially numbered. That said, I like the look of the area were you put in
all driveways.


In terms of clutter, I don't consider the level of detail you have put in
here clutter at all. I rather like the level of detail even if I don't go
that far myself.





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