[Talk-us] Moving historic railroad ways from OSM to OpenHistoricalMap

Russ Nelson nelson at crynwr.com
Thu Apr 2 02:42:50 UTC 2015

Mark Bradley writes:
 > Hello list.  I have been communicating with a mapper who says he has been
 > deleting abandoned railroads (the ones where the infrastructure is totally
 > removed).

Oh dear. The deletionists have migrated from Wikipedia to here. How do
we stop them? Isn't it bad enough that the main map doesn't render
abandoned railroads anymore? Now he has to be deleting them? Exactly
who are they hurting by keeping them in the database?

How about doing the *right* thing, and mark them as railway=razed or
railway=dismantled (I use the latter but I've seen the former).

 > As the premise of OSM is to only map ground-verifiable features
 > (other than certain boundaries), I didn't want to argue with him,

Oh, I'd be HAPPY to argue with him. I can point to all sorts of ways
to tell that a railroad used to go through, that most people don't
know about. Certain types of fenceposts, property lines that line up
with nothing but the railbed, back yards that are "too deep", roads
that are S-shaped for no obvious reason, houses that line up with
nothing but the railbed. I could go on and on.

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