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Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Fri Apr 3 12:18:17 UTC 2015


On 04/03/2015 02:41 AM, stevea wrote:
> Erring on the side of "high ground" safety might be
> a good place to plant an initial flag, but if it's location is wrong and
> we need to move it to a more accurate place, we must do so.

Frankly - no. OSM does not depend on the inclusion of third party data
sources for its quality. Taking a "high ground safety" approach with
regards to third-party rights in data might cut us off from some third
party data sources but then re-publishing these third party sources in
OSM clothes doesn't do us much good anyway.

If an individual is desperate to use a third party data source, let them
do the due diligence on the legality of the source, but it certainly
isn't "us" who must move our flag to make it (even) easier to swamp us
with (often low quality) third-party data.

> It sounds like it is getting a bit shrill.  I'll say it again:  I wish
> light, not heat.

I would be absolutely thrilled if more people, especially more
Americans, would stop thinking about what data they could take and add
to OSM, and instead grab a GPS, or their car, or their boots, or
bicycle, or mobile phone, or all of that, and simply map stuff.

It seems to me that in the USA, what people think about OSM is one of
these two:

(a) A project for hackers and couch potatoes who trawl their county web
pages and other sources to look for stuff they could "upload" to OSM
(because it's such a big country and nobody could possibly, yadda yadda

(b) A project for people who roll up their sleeves, travel to places of
humanitarian crises, and help those in need by creating maps where the
government hasn't done their job well.

The idea that you could also roll up your sleeves and map your own
backyeard, village, town, or city quarter, instead of copying from
official bicycle route publications, official railway brochures, or
stuff that the administration has done, seems to occur to very few
people, and others will say: "OpenStreetMap is cool, but I don't think
that actually going out and doing a survey is a good use of my time".

I'm really sad that time and time again we have to fight about whether
or not a specific source is permitted to be used in OSM, when we could
just collect the facts ourselves and therefore be completely free of any
legal implications (and also free of errors that others may have made).


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