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Fri Apr 3 20:53:42 UTC 2015

On Fri, Apr 3, 2015 at 12:11 PM, Frederik Ramm <frederik at remote.org> wrote:

> Darrell,
> On 04/03/2015 08:39 PM, Darrell Fuhriman wrote:
> > Ignore the haters, we’re doing fine.
> I don't know if that thing about "haters" is just a generic figure of
> speech but if you should indeed believe that I have expressed hate about
> anything, then you are mistaken (and I would feel a bit offended by you
> branding me a "hater" - does that then make you one too?). If I have
> expressed negative feelings in my message then they were pain or
> sadness, not hate.

The word hater in modern American speak is often used to describe someone
who is simply expressing a generally cynical or pessimistic opinion.

There are many local events in the US that don't get published to this
talk-us email list, nor do they get added to the event calendar on the OSM
wiki.  All of the OSM in person meetings that I have been able to attend
have been positive experiences for me.

I am in favor of making use of publicly available geodata to enhance the
data that we collect on the ground.

Recently, I've been deliberately incorporating exercising into my OSM
efforts.  I often go running for at least a mile, then walk around and
capture some photos and notes on my phone, and then run home.  I think it's
great that if I use the RunKeeper application on my phone, then I can visit
runkeeper.com to see my route overlaid on top of a map that is generated
with OSM data.

I recently added some trails to OSM through the woods (some of these trails
were just built in summer 2014):

Multi-modal routing based on OSM data is also used at our local public
transportation agency: http://ride.trimet.org/  I've seen improvements that
I have made to the road and trail network propagate to this site.

http://maps.me/ is a great mobile app, which utilizes OSM data to display
maps on the go without the need for an internet connection.  I love seeing
improvements that I have made to OSM data show up on my phone through this
app.  I appreciate not having to pay through the nose for mobile data usage
if I want to look at a map on my phone when I travel to Canada.

I also just like mapping shopping centers and viewing the rendered results
on the OSM website:

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