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Russ Nelson nelson at crynwr.com
Sat Apr 4 03:54:29 UTC 2015

Frederik Ramm writes:
 > isn't "us" who must move our flag to make it (even) easier to swamp us
 > with (often low quality) third-party data.

You're blowing smoke in a no-smoking zone, Frederik. Looking at BNSF's
system map (or calling up BNSF's public affairs office) to see what
they call their subdivisions is the higest possible quality data,
straight from the horse's mouth. From what you wrote below, it sounds
like you would rather we go out and ask random people "Hey, what does
BNSF call this railroad line?" You want low quality data, we can get
it that way if you want, but every railroad subdivision will be called
"I don't know", "the train tracks", "the railroad", or "BNSF" (from
the slightly more knowledgable ones), pick one.

I can try it in Potsdam if you want, but it would just embarrass you
further. I am happy to grant that in the usual case, you may be
correct, but in this case, you're making the late April Fools joke.

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