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Serge Wroclawski emacsen at gmail.com
Sat Apr 4 06:55:49 UTC 2015


I want to clarify some things:

On Sat, Apr 4, 2015 at 1:06 AM, Eleanor Tutt <eleanor.tutt at gmail.com> wrote:

> Paul - If perception of mapping in the US isn't aligning with reality, we
> probably *do* need to do a better job as a chapter board of telling the full
> story.

I believe that the story that the board tells reflect the overall
experience of the board. Paul did an analysis of the mapping activites
of the prospective board members before they were elected. Some of the
board members are not active OSM mappers, so it shouldn't come as a
surprise to anyone that people who don't do manual surveying don't
talk about manual surveying.

> I see what you mean about the blog posts, though I do think your
> interpretation is a bit harsh. For example, the mapathon post that you
> characterize as an "indoor event," while it does admittedly have a photo of
> people at computers, also makes it clear that the theme for the upcoming
> mapathon is "the great outdoors."

The events are characterized as "Edit-a-thons" and they were designed
to be run indoors. They were essentially a response from some members
of the community who felt that Mapping Parties were not for them. The
advantage of an Edit-A-Thon is that they can be run indoors (unlike
Mapping Parties), but if you look at most Edit-A-Thons going on next
week, and you look at the history of them (look at the talk-us
archives) they're still largely indoor events.

The only reason that OSM NYC runs them as outdoor events is that I
believe strongly that the experience of going out and surveying has
value- not only data quality value, but emotional value. There's value
in being connected to the place you live that can't be captured via
areal photo or governmental dataset.

- Serge

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