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> On 2015-04-03 22:25, Russ Nelson wrote:
>> Greg Morgan writes:
>>   > * In my case, TIGER isn't all the that bad.
>> In some NY counties, TIGER is very good. In other places it is like
>> Stevie Wonder was in charge of quality control. What I've heard is
>> that the maps they were digitizing off were of MUCH lower resolution
>> than we have available now.
> I wonder if it was even about the resolution in some counties. It's as if
> the data was traced off a cartogram, or maybe reconstructed from a table of
> intersections.

I think TIGER is genius.  I think of TIGER like the walking papers
project.  You print out a piece of paper and mark a few Xs and Os on it.
You go back and record the real data.  TIGER serves its primary purpose:
collecting census data by getting boots on the ground in the right area.  I
base my thoughts/opinion on some of the trailer courts, retirement
communities, and travel trailer parks around AZ.  They were so out of
scale.  It felt like that is what could fit on an 8 by 11.5 sized paper
that could be carried by a census worker.

The intersection table ideal feels right.  There have been a number places
where I cut a street at an intersection.  Where that intersection was good
enough for a census worker, it may drive a person crazy that is trying to
use the same data for a visual representation of an area in a car.

Resolution is another good idea. From my experience with Yahoo imagery, I
like to over zoom when I map.  My node placement is vastly different as
zoom 17 verses 1.25m in JOSM.  With MapBox Satellite, I click on the slider
in JOSM.  I can use the arrow keys to over zoom layer 17 down to 50.1m
before I get to the same Bing looking layer.  Woot! Woot!  I just ran
across this video last week. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=05_eABTrXq8
 It is a very interesting process that MapBox uses to solve many problems
with imagery.

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