[Talk-us] Facts about the world

stevea steveaOSM at softworkers.com
Thu Apr 9 19:09:14 UTC 2015

Martin Koppenhoefer writes:
>I do agree that they might likely have copyright on the routes, and 
>that we maybe can't reproduce their routes in our db, but I do 
>question that we can't map their signposts. Reasoning: the routes 
>are nothing physically existing, they are, similar to a novel, 
>creative works made up by someone, and that someone will probably 
>hold copyright on them. The routes are not facts, they are works of 
>creativity and ingenuity. But the signposts are facts, observable in 
>reality, and while their graphic layout, logos, colors, composition, 
>fonts, text, will likely be protected by copyright, I'd question the 
>concept that their pure existence cannot be told about (i.e. without 
>reproducing them with a foto, drawing or similar).

This "observable in reality" lies at the heart of what is meant by 
"facts about the world."

Other "routes" (like rail Subdivisions) are yet more than simple 
signposts:  physical things snaking through the landscape which have 
names and are even further published/talked about -- there are many 
gradations when it comes to "facts about the world."

We do discuss.  I do not have answers to offer, as this has been a 
rich thread, so I would rather listen and encourage others to discuss 
amongst themselves (especially those legally leaning amongst us).

I find this a nodding point upon which we might switch topic headers.


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