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Jack Burke burkejf3 at gmail.com
Mon Apr 13 21:28:27 UTC 2015

"In many cases, the sucket:tesla_supercharger is different"

So Tesla is calling their supercharger sockets "suckets"?

How appropriate. 


On April 13, 2015 4:24:03 PM EDT, Charles Samuels <osm at charles.derkarl.org> wrote:
>On Sunday, April 12, 2015 05:33:02 PM Greg Troxel wrote:
>> You may actually be right about the likelihood of correctness, and
>> may lead to an expected value of < 0.1 errors per year.  However,
>> imports changing data entered by hand is something that crosses a
>> cultural bright line, and I find it concerning that you're heading
>> that path.  I say that as someone who is usually much more on the
>> pro-import side.
>> To stay within OSM norms, the thing to do is leave the existing data
>> alone, and publish a list someplace of mismatches.  It's fine to
>> to the person who added it and explain that there's a mismatch and
>> if they are sure.
>Ok, I've made a bunch of changes to the code so that I make fewer
>changes to 
>OSM. Please follow the links in the original email to see the (now
>OSM changefile.
>> The other notion in imports is to test  out the process before you do
>> it.  Have you run the conflation code against the osm database, and
>> many cases are there where osm already has a charger station but the
>> tags dont' match?
>There are 127 such differences, the vast majority of which are the
>"name" tag. 
>I have manually checked this differences:
>- The "name" tags I produce are better than the original
>- If they're not better, I manually adjust them
>- In many cases, the sucket:tesla_supercharger is different, sometimes 
>"capacity" is different too, in all cases, my numbers match Tesla.com's
>- A small number of opening_hours tags are wrong in OSM
>- The resulting .osm file I produce has the old tags in an XML comment
>- Going forward I can and will look at new conflicts.
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