[Talk-us] perceptions of OHM and other similar projects

Russ Nelson nelson at crynwr.com
Sun Apr 19 16:38:09 UTC 2015

Marc Gemis writes:
 > Sorry, but I'm not trolling. I just want to understand why the railway
 > people should get a different treatment.

Because there is a rendering of the data (openrailwaymap.org and the
ITO specialist renderings), and because people CARE.

 > If you're argument is to better understand why the landscape is like it is
 > now, then that is also true for razed streets [1]  where the road used to
 > come closer to the buildings in the north of it,
 > or razed buildings [2] where the open area in the forest used to be a
 > holiday center.

That sounds like an excellent idea! And those streets can be rendered
on openrazedstreetmap.org and on openbuildings.org. Trouble is that
there isn't really anybody who cares about that. But feel free to add
razed streets (I do), and razed buildings. There's a few railway=rail
sidings which would make more sense if you could see the buildings
they used to serve.

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