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> Very useful, Simon. Thanks!
> Slightly OT: Can anybody explain what R5-5, "No vehicles with lugs" means?
> I'm assuming it doesn't refer to vehicles like this
> http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_MyBrrEGexIg/TEIogw5nrdI/AAAAAAAAAFk/Jl7SF5tfQV0/s1600/L9990154.JPG
You made me look...

In the early years of the 20th century, hard-surface roads often had signs
that read: “Tractors with Lugs Prohibited.”

Those early tractors were built with steel wheels covered with piercing
lugs that gouged every surface. I remember the signs on U.S. 63 south of
Stewartville to Racine and then on Minnesota Highway 16 going west to Grand

By the late 1930s, tractors finally were being built with rubber tires that
still gave field traction and speed, sometimes up to 20 mph on the road.


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