[Talk-us] QA tool to find duplicate addresses?

Tod Fitch tod at fitchdesign.com
Mon Dec 7 00:09:14 UTC 2015

My German is really bad. I assume that the check I want is "doppeltes Objekt”. But that does not do what I want as the objects are not actually duplicated. Rather I have multiple nodes that happen to have the same addr:street and addr:housenumber combinations.

For example, looking at:

In this case my check script shows the following possible duplicate addresses (setup so I can copy and paste them into a JOSM search) so I can examine them and see if I can remove the incorrect one(s). None of these possible errors are shown by OSMOSE with the options I have, possibly erroneously, set.

Duplicate addresses:
    "addr:street"="Alta Mesa Drive" ("addr:housenumber"="222")
    "addr:street"="Calle Jules" ("addr:housenumber"="1370")
    "addr:street"="Camino Ciego Court" ("addr:housenumber"="1093")
    "addr:street"="Camino Patricia" ("addr:housenumber"="115")
    "addr:street"="Cortez Avenue" ("addr:housenumber"="636")
    "addr:street"="East Drive" ("addr:housenumber"="321")
    "addr:street"="East Indian Rock Road" ("addr:housenumber"="415")
    "addr:street"="East Indian Rock Road" ("addr:housenumber"="436")
    "addr:street"="East Vista Way" ("addr:housenumber"="651")
    "addr:street"="Escondido Avenue" ("addr:housenumber"="510")
    "addr:street"="Eucalyptus Avenue" ("addr:housenumber"="663")
    "addr:street"="Girard Court" ("addr:housenumber"="1259")
    "addr:street"="Goetting Way" ("addr:housenumber"="235")
    "addr:street"="Hillside Terrace" ("addr:housenumber"="332")
    "addr:street"="North Citrus Avenue" ("addr:housenumber"="1280")
    "addr:street"="North Citrus Avenue" ("addr:housenumber"="900")
    "addr:street"="North Melrose Drive" ("addr:housenumber"="1130")
    "addr:street"="North Melrose Drive" ("addr:housenumber"="1132")
    "addr:street"="North Melrose Drive" ("addr:housenumber"="1146")
    "addr:street"="North Santa Fe Avenue" ("addr:housenumber"="1305")
    "addr:street"="North Santa Fe Avenue" ("addr:housenumber"="1502")
    "addr:street"="North Santa Fe Avenue" ("addr:housenumber"="428")
    "addr:street"="Olive Avenue" ("addr:housenumber"="536")
    "addr:street"="Palm Drive" ("addr:housenumber"="438")
    "addr:street"="Plymouth Drive" ("addr:housenumber"="121")
    "addr:street"="Plymouth Drive" ("addr:housenumber"="415")
    "addr:street"="Rudd Road" ("addr:housenumber"="219")
    "addr:street"="Shadow Mountain Terrace" ("addr:housenumber"="1144")
    "addr:street"="South Santa Fe Avenue" ("addr:housenumber"="102")
    "addr:street"="South Santa Fe Avenue" ("addr:housenumber"="315")
    "addr:street"="Sunrise Drive" ("addr:housenumber"="1857")
    "addr:street"="Townsite Drive" ("addr:housenumber"="225")
    "addr:street"="Truly Terrace" ("addr:housenumber"="631")
    "addr:street"="Walker Way" ("addr:housenumber"="176")
    "addr:street"="Warmlands Avenue" ("addr:housenumber"="932")
    "addr:street"="West California Avenue" ("addr:housenumber"="741")
    "addr:street"="West Connecticut Avenue" ("addr:housenumber"="324")
    "addr:street"="Williamston Street" ("addr:housenumber"="846”)

In many cases I can correct these through armchair mapping based on how close the nodes are to the named highway and how the street numbers along the highway seem to be progressing.

It seems that nearly anywhere I try to edit in San Diego County I see these errors. I don’t have time at the moment to systematically cover the whole county, so I am hoping for a visual indicator of where things are the worst to focus on. And, as I work them off, show me progress to.

Is there a different check box that I should have used on OSMOSE? Or maybe a version in English so I won’t be quite as lost? :)

> On Dec 6, 2015, at 4:40 PM, Simon Poole <simon at poole.ch> wrote:
> OSMOSE does that http://osmose.openstreetmap.fr/de/map/
> Am 07.12.2015 um 00:06 schrieb Tod Fitch:
>> I’ve come across data from an old address import that seems to have numerous duplicate addresses. It would be nice to point JOSM to the places with the most problems rather than to just randomly choose a place for editing.
>> It looks like there is a tool that identifies places with duplicate addresses at http://gulp21.bplaced.net/osm/housenumbervalidator/ but it seems to be specific to Germany. Is there any that cover the US?
>> Thanks!
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