[Talk-us] Should this be a dual carriageway?

Zontine, Chris -(p) chrisz at telenav.com
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Regarding tagging highway=motorway or highway=trunk my take is the documentation is a bit ambiguous. I've posted the paragraph here. See 'In the less usual case ... along the same carriageway use a single way ...'.

I do not see a barrier using BING nor Mapbox Satellite.  However, TIGER 2014 shows as a dual carriageway. Umm ... what to do? Follow TIGER? Or remove the FIXME and do nothing more?

>From the wiki:
'A motorway is normally represented by a series two parallel ways, one for each carriageway<http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/carriageway> tagged with highway=motorway. These ways should all point direction of travel and be tagged with oneway=yes. In the less usual case of a motorway where traffic travels in both directions along the same carriageway use a single way and tag it with oneway=no. '

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>From Bing I am wondering it is isn't a "super two" (limited access, two way road) which I think we've been tagging as highway=trunk.

If there is actually a barrier in the middle that is not visible in Bing, then it should split into two separate one lane ways. Not sure I'd hang a motorway tag on it though as that requires a minimum of two lanes in each direction. http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Tag:highway%3Dmotorway


On Jan 8, 2015, at 10:36 AM, Richard Welty wrote:

On 1/8/15 1:03 PM, Zontine, Chris -(p) wrote:
While mapping a FIXME in the US this situation came up: WAY ID 8822153. The FIXME implies this WAY (and others) should have a dual carriageway. As you can see this is one long stretch of highway=motorway. What is the thought on this?
it looks like it is divided by a barrier but single lane each way.
it would be good to verify the presence of the barrier. i think
a motorway designation is borderline given the single lane, but
a trunk would be about right. given verification of the barrier,
dual carriageway would be correct.



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