[Talk-us] Imports (by nmixter in Fresno and elsewhere)

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Fri Jan 9 09:55:55 UTC 2015

Dear Nathan,

   I've accidentally come across some of your imports in the Fresno area
and found that they had many problems - just the usual import stuff
really, over-noding, mapping individual building plots as residential
areas, over-tagging, landuse areas matching neither the aerial imagery
nor the existing road grid which would have been avoided by the
suggested manual inspection, and so on.

This is just a random example - the whole area looks like this:

I really wonder how anyone, ever, will want to make edits in places
"mapped" like this - I think you have had similar feedback for other
things you've done over the past (California FMMP residential discussion
& others). In an older Email you wrote of your work that "California is
no longer a barren wilderness but has blossomed into a flower full of
color and life" - frankly what jumps at me from these map pages is
certainly not "life"! But I know that I'm probably on an extreme side of
the spectrum here and there will be others who like that kind of colour
map, and hence I don't want to discuss how these existing imports can be
fixed or whether they should be removed altogether - that's for another
time maybe.

But I would like to ask you to discuss every single future import that
you make *before* you make it, just like everyone else is expected to.
Just because you have done many imports in the past doesn't mean that
rules don't apply to you - and you don't show any signs of stopping.

So please, if you must continue to import data, at least do it using the
usual process.

Thank you

Frederik Ramm  ##  eMail frederik at remote.org  ##  N49°00'09" E008°23'33"

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