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Hi, Thanks for the comments. I do realize there are problems with some of
my earlier imports. My intentions were good but as with many inexperienced
mappers the execution wasn't what it could have been. There are many things
I wouldn't do now as I have gained more experience. Since those early
imports I have learned a lot about collaboration and using tools available
to clean up data before importing. That said I have made some progress in
cleaning up the imports, and there is much left to do. I realize the import
procedures are there for a purpose.  I do take pride in all the data I add
into OSM and look forward to collaborating with the community to continue
to make it the best possible.
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> Subject: [Talk-us] Imports (by nmixter in Fresno and elsewhere)
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> Dear Nathan,
>    I've accidentally come across some of your imports in the Fresno area
> and found that they had many problems - just the usual import stuff
> really, over-noding, mapping individual building plots as residential
> areas, over-tagging, landuse areas matching neither the aerial imagery
> nor the existing road grid which would have been avoided by the
> suggested manual inspection, and so on.
> This is just a random example - the whole area looks like this:
> http://www.openstreetmap.org/#map=16/36.7379/-120.1027
> I really wonder how anyone, ever, will want to make edits in places
> "mapped" like this - I think you have had similar feedback for other
> things you've done over the past (California FMMP residential discussion
> & others). In an older Email you wrote of your work that "California is
> no longer a barren wilderness but has blossomed into a flower full of
> color and life" - frankly what jumps at me from these map pages is
> certainly not "life"! But I know that I'm probably on an extreme side of
> the spectrum here and there will be others who like that kind of colour
> map, and hence I don't want to discuss how these existing imports can be
> fixed or whether they should be removed altogether - that's for another
> time maybe.
> But I would like to ask you to discuss every single future import that
> you make *before* you make it, just like everyone else is expected to.
> Just because you have done many imports in the past doesn't mean that
> rules don't apply to you - and you don't show any signs of stopping.
> So please, if you must continue to import data, at least do it using the
> usual process.
> Thank you
> Frederik
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