[Talk-us] ARNOLD highway data

Clifford Snow clifford at snowandsnow.us
Tue Jan 20 21:55:22 UTC 2015

On Tue, Jan 20, 2015 at 12:57 PM, <Thomas.Roff at dot.gov> wrote:

> Things must seem very confusing on what stuff means. HPMS was developed
> from an engineering perspective and speaks in a language that only Civil
> Engineers understand. I will be happy to help you through video chats,
> webinar or other medium.

And only a civil engineer would want to understand it. I appreciate the
offer to help out on the meta data. What we might ignore may be useful.

> I should also mention that I am about to post the 2013 version. HPMS deals
> with annual submittals by State DOTs. We want to transition the system to a
> more transactional way of life in the future  but we are fighting tradition
> every step of the way.

You mean that someone else fights change besides OSM? Hard to believe.


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