[Talk-us] A note about bags and security at SOTM-US

Toby Murray toby.murray at gmail.com
Thu Jun 4 06:03:56 UTC 2015

Well ok, I guess this is primarily targeted at anyone who was planning
on bringing a backpack. I'm sure I can fit what I need for a day in a
bag this size as well. But any "normal" backpack is going to be 16-18
inches tall and too large for the UN. This is what I have used at
previous conferences because it's what I happen to have and I've seen
plenty of others with backpacks as well so I thought it was worth a
warning. And while my laptop bag IS on the large side, it is by no
means an unreasonable size to grab as a carry-on for an airplane ride
and expect to use at the conference once you get there. Again, I've
certainly seen 16-18" briefcases and laptop bags at other conferences
so it is worth double checking.


On Wed, Jun 3, 2015 at 11:58 PM, Darrell Fuhriman <darrell at garnix.org> wrote:
>> maximum size for all bags as:
>> 14" (35cm) wide x 13" (33cm) high x 4" (10cm) deep
>> That is *TINY*! I mean even most Hello Kitty backpacks for children
>> are 16" tall.
> This is slightly larger than my messenger bag (or a briefcase), which I don't consider to be tiny. I can comfortably fit a laptop, a book, a notepad, plus various sundries with room to spare.
> Maybe I'm crazy, but that seems wholly adequate for a day at a conference.
> d.

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