[Talk-us] Proper tagging for crosswalks

Bryan Housel bryan at 7thposition.com
Tue Jun 23 20:16:00 UTC 2015

It’s ok to map them as either a single intersection node or a way.  Here is my understanding from the various wiki pages the document these things, and it matches what I see people map in places with sidewalks and crosswalks.  Keep in mind, the wiki does seem to change kind of frequently, and in my opinion there are too many extra detail crosswalk tags that just aren’t used in practice.

If mapping only the intersection node, `highway=crossing` on that node is enough.  If you want to add detail, `crossing=zebra` for a typical striped crosswalk, or `crossing=*` for whatever other kind of crosswalk people can dream up (there are plenty, see wiki).

If mapping the crosswalk as a way, I map the node as above, and also map the way that crosses the street as `highway=footway + footway=crossing`.  Again you can add `crossing=zebra` or `crossing=*` for more detail.  These don’t conflict with anything, as the ends of the crosswalk typically join up with a `highway=footway + footway=sidewalk`.

iD currently only has a zebra crossing preset, and I think I’m going to add an unmarked crossing preset also, following discussion on HOT list. 

Thanks, Bryan

> On Jun 23, 2015, at 3:46 PM, Jim McAndrew <jim at loc8.us> wrote:
> I am looking into tagging some crosswalks, and I've just been putting a node at the intersection. Some crosswalks are really long though, and I think that information is important to the person crossing the road. Is there an acceptable way that we can tag a way as a crosswalk without interfering with its other tags (ex: highway=crossing on a way could interfere with a tag like highway=path).
> I'd love to hear everyone's opinion on what we can do or why we shouldn't try this.
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> Jim
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