[Talk-us] hgv=designated in US National Park

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Thanks for the additional information. Perhaps hgv=destination?

I am pretty sure that if one showed up at one of the Estes Park entrances
with a semi and told them that you had to make a delivery in Granby they
wouldn't let you through. The next time I am up there I will ask.


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> Dang, sorry; just caught my typo, hgv=private may NOT be the proper tag.
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> Hi again Mike, I should have specified – the entirety of Trail Ridge Road
> J
> I think we did actually come in (from the east, i.e. FC to Granby) via
> 36.  I would say hgv=private is the ‘correct’ tag; in this case the
> ‘highway’ is actually ‘State controlled w/ agreements of the Park Service’,
> maybe Jim or one of them have a better answer, but it seems more like “this
> is a State Highway” if you ‘know the rules’ and have a valid ID you can use
> it accordingly. (in our case we just had to have a Fort Collins address and
> say “we’re on our way to work in Granby” – this was in either our work
> trucks or my personal vehicle).
> Anyway, hope this helps find proper tagging for 34/36/Trail Ridge Road;
> cheers!
> =Russ
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