[Talk-us] CrossCountryRoads.com

stevea steveaOSM at softworkers.com
Wed Nov 4 19:20:15 UTC 2015

I also echo the thanks to Tom Valazak for saying "yes" to this 
permission and to Martijn for asking.

I wish to remind talk-us readers that finding sites and data pools 
like this and asking and receiving permission is one of the most 
successful endeavors that OSM volunteers can do.  It allows us to 
enrichen our data and engenders good will about our project(s).

The United States Bicycle Route System WikiProject recently was 
granted permission by the American Association of State Highway and 
Transportation Officials (AASHTO) to use AASHTO-published route data 
so OSM can enter accurate national bicycle routes directly from the 
source of their original publication -- the state Departments of 
Transportation (DOTs) that develop them on behalf of their state's 
People.  OSM-US and this WikiProject are very grateful for this 
permission (and say so!) as using these data are a key ingredient of 
the growth of this project.

So, just another example of a very good thing to do for OSM, coupled 
with a corollary reminder:

Ask and you shall receive!  (Well, not always, but if you don't, you won't!)



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