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Well said, Steve.
I hated to give up on the Lincoln Highway (a 1920s project
partly funded by automobile manufacturers to promote driving
by creating a cross-country scenic route), However, the
creators of the Lincoln Highway web site just didn't want to
part with their data. I think they fund their historic preservation
efforts by licensing data, so their relunctance is understandable.
Anyone know of other public sources for Lincoln Highway data?


At 11:20 AM 11/4/2015, you wrote:
>I also echo the thanks to Tom Valazak for saying "yes" to
>this permission and to Martijn for asking.
>I wish to remind talk-us readers that finding sites and data
>pools like this and asking and receiving permission is one of
>the most successful endeavors that OSM volunteers can do.
>It allows us to enrichen our data and engenders good will about
>our project(s).
>The United States Bicycle Route System WikiProject recently
>was granted permission by the American Association of State
>Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) to use
>AASHTO-published route data so OSM can enter accurate
>national bicycle routes directly from the source of their original
>publication -- the state Departments of Transportation (DOTs)
>that develop them on behalf of their state's people. OSM-US
>and this WikiProject are very grateful for this permission (and
>say so!). as using these data are a key ingredient of the growth
>of this project.
>So, just another example of a very good thing to do for OSM,
>coupled with a corollary reminder: Ask and you shall receive!
>(Well, not always, but if you don't, you won't!) Go OSM!
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