[Talk-us] GeoBadges 1.0 for OpenStreetMap

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Tue Nov 17 02:04:36 UTC 2015


On 11/17/2015 02:45 AM, Steven Johnson wrote:
> Just in time for #OSMGeoweek, TeachOSM with support from Mapstory.org
> and American Geographical Society, has released the first OpenStreetMap
> Surveyor I badge.[1] 

It's a great idea to make badges but I have a very big PLEASE: please,
could you reserve the word "surveyor" for people who actually, you know,
survey something, as in going out with a measuring device or even just a
notepad and getting their boots dirty?

And if you give people a badge for digitzing something off of a picture
someone else has taken, give that badge a different name than "Surveyor

I'm looking forward to there being proper surveyor badges in the future
where the proof is your GPX trace or the paper you scribbled on in the
field ;)


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