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Simon Poole simon at poole.ch
Tue Nov 17 19:11:40 UTC 2015

Thais good, but doesn't address the OSM side of things.

Historically, aka pre 2013 revision of COPPA, we couldn't touch sub
13teeners with a long pole. That may have improved a bit, theoretically,
with the 2013 revision of COPPA, but nobody has actually done the foot-
and paperwork involved to find out and address any issues.

I don't want to dig too deep in to the things that might be considered
problematic given general US paranoia on such topics, but I would
consider completely ignoring this a bit risky.


Am 17.11.2015 um 19:03 schrieb Steven Johnson:
> Hi Simon,
> The developers selected the Credly platform specifically so that the
> OSM community is not in the business of collecting and managing
> personally identifiable information (PII). Also, we're doing two
> things to insure GeoBadges users understand terms and conditions of
> the badging process:
> 1. We're adding language to the 'About' section of the site to clarify
> the relationship: /"//For GeoBadge earning and issuing, we work with
> the Credly.com platform. Credly manages all earner-level data and
> security. By partnering with Credly, we can help earners increase the
> impact of their achievements by sharing it on social media platforms
> and connecting to other digital badging projects that also use Credly.
> To learn more about Credly, visit credly.com <http://credly.com/>./
> /
> /
> /GeoBadges complies with the COPPA and DCMA laws of the United States.
> Only individuals age 13+ are eligible to earn GeoBadges. If any
> content on the site seems inappropriate or out of compliance, please
> contact us immediately at geobadges at americangeo.org
> <mailto:geobadges at americangeo.org>."/
> /
> /
> 2. We're removing the Grade 3-5 option, since clearly that would be
> marketed to under 13.
> Thanks for your concern. Hope I've addressed your question. Best regards,
> -- SEJ
> -- twitter: @geomantic
> -- skype: sejohnson8
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> Nature, /Empedocles
> On Tue, Nov 17, 2015 at 6:59 AM, Simon Poole <simon at poole.ch
> <mailto:simon at poole.ch>> wrote:
>     I assume that you have got legal advice on the COPPA related
>     consequences of your activities and are willing to share this with
>     the OSMF?
>     Simon
>     Am 17.11.2015 um 02:45 schrieb Steven Johnson:
>>     Hello list,
>>     Just in time for #OSMGeoweek, TeachOSM with support from
>>     Mapstory.org and American Geographical Society, has released the
>>     first OpenStreetMap Surveyor I badge.[1] 
>>     The badge is aimed at the newest open mappers of any age and is
>>     awarded for successful acquisition of basic editing skills on
>>     OpenStreetMap. We envision this badge to be the first in a
>>     constellation of more specialized badges based on skill sets,
>>     domains, area knowledge, and so forth. For more info on the
>>     mechanics of GeoBadges, see the AGS blog post[2].
>>     We have a special deal during OSMGeoweek: Anyone who maps in any
>>     of the #100Mapathons, #MissingMaps, #PeaceCorps, or #HOT events
>>     during OSMGeoweek will be eligible to claim the badge. Just make
>>     sure to comment your changeset with one of the 2015 OSMGeoweek
>>     hashtags so we can find it. 
>>     Happy Mapping, everyone...
>>     [1] http://bit.ly/1NAhybF
>>     [2] http://bit.ly/1Pwsi0G <https://t.co/nfsoqNYFvW> 
>>     -- SEJ
>>     -- twitter: @geomantic
>>     -- skype: sejohnson8
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>>     v.141, /On Nature, /Empedocles
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