[Talk-us] Old Aerodromes

Wolfgang Zenker wolfgang at lyxys.ka.sub.org
Tue Apr 12 21:53:25 UTC 2016

* Andrew Wiseman <awiseman at gmail.com> [160412 23:27]:
> [..]
> Or maybe there should be some tag difference between a proper airport with
> scheduled flights, a civil aviation airport, and just a field where a
> farmer might land?

Actually there is a tag, or rather there are two: The wiki page
for aeroway=aerodrome suggests to combine it with aerodrome:type=*
in the english version of the aerodrome page (used ~2000 times)
while the german version of that page suggests to use aerodrome=*
instead (used about 900 times).
Of course having two documented tags for the same purpose is not
exactly helpful which might be one of the reasons why more than
90% of mapped airports use neither one.


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