[Talk-us] Optimal / preferred checkin sizes

Steve Friedl steve at unixwiz.net
Wed Apr 20 22:13:20 UTC 2016

Hi everybody,


I spend way too much time in JOSM mapping my local area, but I've never
really known how to best batch changes.


Sometimes it's obvious: if I work on a certain feature (say, adding details
of fire stations), I add them and check them in one at a time, but sometimes
I'm doing cleanup of a large area with no obvious breaking points.


I don't think that 3 square miles of road straightening ought to go in a
single [enormous] batch, but I'm not sure that 100 entries of the form
'Straightened Main Street in MyTown" / "Straightened Elm Street in MyTown" /
"Straightened Euclid Steet in MyTown" is really adding any value.


How does one decide how best to check stuff in?





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