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Peter Dobratz peter at dobratz.us
Sun Aug 7 02:27:51 UTC 2016

For mapping bus stops, I put a Node at the location of the bus stop sign
(next to, but not touching the road).  The following three tags are used to
specify that this is a bus stop:


For the "bus stop number", use the "ref" tag:


If your public transport agency names their bus stops, then also include
the name tag.

As far as the line numbers, there is no direct way to specify the line
number on the bus stop itself.  Each variation of a bus route should have
its own public transport route relation.  The ref tag on the bus route
relation specifies which bus line number the route refers to.  The bus stop
Node would be a member of the public transport route relation with a role
"platform".  For each bus route relation, you put the list of bus stops
Nodes in order followed by the list of Ways in order that make up that
direction of the bus route.  There is a different bus route relation for
each direction or variation of the route.

Here's an example of a typical bus stop:


As you can see, this bus stop is served by 8 bus lines.

Note that in addition to specifying the location next to the road where
people wait for the bus (the platform), you can also specify the position
on the road where the bus stops (the stop position).  I haven't bothered to
do that for the bus stops that I've added since it doesn't seem to be
adding useful information (where else is the bus going to stop along the
road besides right next to the bus stop?).

I made a wiki page with more detail about public transport tagging around
Portland, Oregon:



On Sat, Aug 6, 2016 at 7:03 PM, Kevin Morgan <morgankevinj at fastmail.fm>

> When I add a bus stop under what tags do i add the bus line numbers and
> bus stop number?
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