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Rihards richlv at nakts.net
Tue Dec 27 18:30:41 UTC 2016

On 2016.12.27. 10:15, David Kewley wrote:
> I thought this might be a big problem at first, but now I think it's
> probably a net good thing.
> In Southern California, I saw about 40 users join in the first 24-48
> hours after the video was posted (Dec 22), who immediately started
> mapping footways and similar. A few were bad, most improved the map
> incrementally, if not with great skill, completeness, or accuracy. The
> rate of new people joining and adding footways and similar has gone way
> down since the first 24 hours.
> I just now used Overpass-Turbo to check for new footways in the past ~2
> days in all the western U.S. (to just west of San Antonio, not including
> Alaska and Hawaii), zoomed in briefly on each locality in turn, and
> found with this quick ad hoc eyeball survey only two users who were
> obviously gaming OSM for Pokemon Go in an unhelpful way. I'll address
> them or send them to DWG. All the others looked reasonable upon a first
> pass, although I might have missed a few. Some I didn't see may already
> have been cleaned up, of course.
> So the potential problem is big, but I think the actual problem is not
> too big, and can probably be contained with our current level of effort.
> Meanwhile there are tons of incremental additions that are probably net
> improvements to the map, and a few of these folks will continue to
> improve the map over time. I've already seen a few of these new users
> branch out into non-Pokemon-related improvements. Plus it gives OSM
> wider awareness.
> One other thing to look out for, which most people are doing well, but a
> few are doing inappropriately, is changing school grounds from
> amenity=school to =college or =university.
> See https://www.reddit.com/r/TheSilphRoad/comments/5jv1c4/i_think_i_figured_out_why_pokemon_never_spawned/.
> I had to change one secondary school back to =school after an apparent
> Pokemon user changed it to =college. I also changed one community
> college from =school to =college when I noticed it was mistagged while
> looking at new footways drawn there. Hope it helps them have fun with
> their game. :)
> I've also seen fake parks, piers, lakes, and similar area objects get
> added in an apparent attempt to help Pokemon. Footways may be the most
> common manifestation of this wave of activity, but not the only one.

could you please share the overpass query you used ? i'd like to review
such additions around here as well.
i am following the edits of new users, and so far contributions of 2 or
3 have been worthy a revert.

it would be also useful to have a list of tags/changes the pokemon go
players make. footways are the most obvious, but i've also seen
(incorrect_ recreational_grounds added. several users have also changed
existing residentials, pedestrian streets and tracks to footways -
incorrectly in all the cases.

> Fun fact: On 12/22 I actually stumbled across a deletion of the footway
> added in the video, before I was aware of the existence of the video and
> the Pokemon-related editing. That issue is since resolved. The
> videographer is pretty local to me, and in the video he hikes in hills I
> know. A brush with a weird kind of notoriety, I guess.
> David

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