[Talk-us] Unreviewed rural roads vs Strava heatmap

Richard Fairhurst richard at systemeD.net
Wed Dec 28 13:40:05 UTC 2016

Hi all,

I've knocked up a quick composite view which combines the Strava heatmap 
(http://labs.strava.com/heatmap/) with rural unreviewed residential roads:


The base layer is the Strava heatmap, i.e. where people have cycled 
(and, seemingly, canoed). "Reviewed" roads (i.e. everything apart from 
highway=residential, tiger:reviewed=no, in rural areas [1]) are then 
blanked out in black.

The result is a map of rural roads where people cycle but which are 
still tagged as highway=residential, tiger:reviewed=no. I built this for 
my own fixup work but I figured others might find it useful.

Such roads should probably be one of

	highway=tertiary (good quality through-route, probably with centreline)
	highway=unclassified (minor paved road)
	highway=unclassified, surface=<something> (minor unpaved road)
	highway=residential, tiger:reviewed=yes (minor paved residential road)
	highway=residential, surface=<something> (minor unpaved residential road)
	highway=track (unpaved and ungraded etc.)
	or just plain deleted (thanks TIGER)

As ever, please don't mark unpaved rural ways as 'reviewed' without 
adding a surface tag (and/or changing to highway=track) or I shall 
personally hunt you down and turn you to surface=compacted. Thank you. :)


[1] the data comes from cycle.travel's rendering database which does a 
few other tweaks, so this isn't 100% true. But you get the general idea. 
cycle.travel updates once a month or thereabouts, so please don't expect 
the map to reflect your changes quickly.

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