[Talk-us] users cam98 and cameronk1998 causing issues around austin

Rihards richlv at nakts.net
Sun Jan 24 05:34:08 UTC 2016

these two new useraccounts seem to be used by the same person :

unfortunately, their edits completely mess up the map - they seem to 
delete valid data, in some cases replace it with rough replacements that 
are not connected to other roads etc.

i started to clean up some of that, but the damage seems to be quite 
extensive. as an example, see the history of this way here :
also see other ways in the area - but note that the changes are not 
limited to a small area.

i sent a message to both accounts, asking whether they are aware of the 
damage they are causing.

unfortunately, at this point i have to ask dwg for a full revert of all 
changesets from these accounts at least near austin. normally i'd do 
that myself, but here the affected amount of data is too large for me.

these user accounts also have made changes near chicago & houston - i 
did not investigate those changes.

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