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Charlotte Wolter techlady at techlady.com
Tue Apr 4 20:51:59 UTC 2017


         I wrote to TIGER about the false "driveways" issue that I 
discovered, and got a reply from Anne O'Connor of TUGER. Apparently 
it is a known issue, but they would like to hear about any others 
that we may find.


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>Subject: Re: Why do driveways end up with street names??
>Thread-Topic: Why do driveways end up with street names??
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>Thank you for your inquiry.
>We gather all of our road data from local sources, we then test that 
>data, and, if it passes, we add it to our TIGER database.  We also 
>make sure that the data works well with the rest of our data.  That 
>said, we sometimes have residual issues with the data.
>In this case, the problems with named driveways came from the 
>partner files we received during the MAF/TIGER Accuracy Improvement 
>Project (MTAIP) in the mid-2000s.  MTAIP was used to update TIGER, 
>and a majority of the time we uploaded the information into our 
>database expecting it to be correct and accurate from the source, 
>but in some cases it was not.  Staffing, timing, and software 
>restrictions during those years also provided some issues, and we 
>sometimes weren't able to run a 100% QC on a file, or target the 
>problems as easily as we can now.
>Looking at the area in question, we ran this county through MTAIP in 
>September 2005, and those named driveways were introduced 
>then.  There was actually a note made "Many driveways added, some 
>with names" at the time.
>You noted an issue in Campbell County, VA, if you know of any other 
>areas where this kind of problem is wide-spread, please let us know 
>and we'll take a look.  This may take some time, but we do make 
>every effort to continue to improve the quality of our files.
>Anne O'Connor
>Geographic Customer Service Branch
>Geography Division
>U.S. Census Bureau
>4600 Silver Hill Road - Mail Stop 7400
>Washington, D.C. 20233-7400
>(301) 763-1128
>geo.tigerweb at census.gov

>Subscribe to updates about the TIGER/Line Shapefiles and other 
>geographic products on our website: http://www.census.gov/geo/
>From: Charlotte Wolter <techlady at techlady.com>
>Sent: Monday, April 3, 2017 20:37
>Subject: Why do driveways end up with street names??
>Hello, TIGER staff,
>          I am a member of OpenStreetMap abd mpa mostly in the United
>States. There is an issue with TIGER data that continually creates
>problems, particularly in rural areas,
>          The issue is that, many times, driveways, particularly long
>ones in rural areas, end up with the names of the street they
>intersect. I ran across a particularly aggravating example of this
>problem in Rustberg, Virginia. There, every almost driveway in town
>has been given the name of the street it intersects. In addition,
>there are dozens of false driveways with names. The "false" driveways
>consist of a node on the street and a second node a few feet away.
>Occasionally they correspond to an actual driveway to a house or
>business, but much of the time they correspond to nothing (except,
>perhaps, the GPS node of the house).
>          I have worked for the census, and I know how you gather
>address data. I, too, have recorded GPS nodes for each building in my
>neighborhood. However, this seems to be an issue with how the data is
>          Are you working on something to correct this ongoing problem
>with driveway names?
>Charlotte Wolter
>Charlotte Wolter
>927 18th Street Suite A
>Santa Monica, California
>techlady at techlady.com
>Skype: thetechlady

Charlotte Wolter
927 18th Street Suite A
Santa Monica, California
techlady at techlady.com
Skype: thetechlady

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