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Charlotte Wolter techlady at techlady.com
Wed Apr 19 03:46:07 UTC 2017


         Some updates were made to iD some weeks 
ago. Apparently, somehow, it made clicking on a 
feature to select it more difficult. I use 
Firefox, and usually have to click 3 or 4 times 
to get an individual item selected.
         I wrote to the iD team about that, and 
Brian Housel replied, saying that they know about 
the issue and it is being worked on. Sounded like 
it had been frustrating them, too.
         I also suggested they make the 
"automatic scroll" area around the outside edge 
of the screen smaller. Automatic scrolling can be 
good, but the scrolling border is about an inch 
wide now. Sometimes, when I'm doing an edit, it 
takes off scrolling. To guard against that, I 
have to stay closer to the center of the screen 
than usual. Brian thought that was a good idea.
         Of course, they all are volunteers like 
we are, so it may take them some time to diagnose and fix the issues.


At 03:46 PM 4/17/2017, you wrote:
>Update: perhaps it is just coincidence, but iD 
>appears to be fully working in IE, however, I 
>know I have successfully used iD in Chrome in the past.
>On Mon, Apr 17, 2017 at 4:42 PM, Mike Thompson 
><<mailto:miketho16 at gmail.com>miketho16 at gmail.com> wrote:
>I am preparing for a mapathon and am reviewing 
>the instructions for the participants to make 
>sure they are still current and to re 
>familiarize myself with iD as I normally us 
>JOSM. In the iD editor I am able to add and tag 
>new features, but I cannot select existing 
>features in order modify their geometry or their 
>tags, and I cannot get the context menu to 
>appear.  I am using Chrome on Windows. Does 
>anyone have any advice or idea as to what I might be doing wrong?
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