[Talk-us] natural=* and landuse=* multipolygons at the urban interface

OSM Volunteer stevea steveaOSM at softworkers.com
Mon Aug 14 04:29:49 UTC 2017

David, I would contact Nathan Mixter directly (in OSM, nmixter, import account Eureka gold) and ask him what he thinks, as he is (largely speaking) the original importer of these (and many other, very large) imports, many of which, unfortunately generated consternation or reversion.  You might ask him what his plans are to "upkeep" the data he has imported.

Nathan is a friend of mine I met in OSM (on a personal and "let's go hiking/camping/backpacking together" level) and I have helped him on both improving the Santa Cruz County (my home) and Monterey County (next door to both of us) landuse imports that he initiated.  Together, we did the single-county FMMP import of Monterey County (only, I didn't help with other counties) over many months (instead of the days Nathan thought it might take) as I wanted to convey the care, vetting, quality assurance and teamwork that such an endeavor truly requires to get it right (or much closer to right, as I still think Monterey County's landuse from this import is "pretty good," if I say so myself).  I/we documented what we did if you click around the links in our wiki, already introduced in this thread.

In short, these landuse polygons are indeed very large, unwieldy or virtually "just kill me now" highly difficult to edit using iD (PLEASE use JOSM to edit complex polygons like these!).  I declare that they aren't anything "sacred," especially as new human urban development simply outdates more and more edges of these data as obsolete.  Subtle differences between scrub and meadow, while I admire your diligence in determining "what is best" for a given area, are not hard-and-firm.  I'd characterize these FMMP imports as "2010-12 data, roughly applied to OSM to avoid large blank areas in California" (except Monterey County, were I was very careful to apply the lipstick carefully so there was no piggy ugliness about it).  So, should these FMMP import (multi)polygons need to be changed, edited, modernized and especially trimmed down to more manageable size, please, get a read from Nathan if you can, then take the controls of JOSM firmly in your hands and go for it!  Especially as those bulldozers build those suburbs.

Nathan, you might please chime in either on-list or via email to this distro; thank you.  If you wish, I additionally invite anybody to contact me off-list to ask about this topic should you care to know further details, though Nathan is the primary importer of these data.


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