[Talk-us] Differences with USA admin_level tagging

Kevin Kenny kevin.b.kenny+osm at gmail.com
Sun Jul 9 18:54:04 UTC 2017

Sorry, mistakenly replied privately when I meant to reply on-list:

On Sun, Jul 9, 2017 at 12:31 PM, Greg Troxel <gdt at lexort.com> wrote:
> For instance, OSM seems to use city, town, village, and hamlet as
> members of a settlment hierarchy of populated places with varying
> populations.  That's fine as a general notion in human geography, but I
> see it as totally separate from admin tagging.  I don't think we are
> having that confusion, but wanted to point this out in case.

No confusion. Legal Hamlets in New York might be anything from
place=location to place=city. I was specifically discussing admin

Some of the mountain Towns might have a boundary=administrative
without an associated place (or maybe a location or two). They have
dispersed settlement, some with fewer than 1 inhabitant per square
mile. They don't have identifiable settled places, but some do have
identifiable, named locations within the Town.

(capitalized Town and Hamlet to indicate that I'm talking about the
legal entities, not using the OSM terms for places)

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