[Talk-us] Differences with USA admin_level tagging

OSM Volunteer stevea steveaOSM at softworkers.com
Tue Jul 11 23:47:27 UTC 2017

Richard Welty rwelty at averillpark.net wrote (I paraphrase):
Kevin oversimplified New York state admin_level; I live here and have different post and school office boundaries.

Thank you, Richard:  I am in listening mode.  Our US_admin_level wiki mentions school districts, but nothing is stated there re post offices (other wiki say "ZIP codes are not boundaries").  We are doing our best to utter via the map and the wiki a "map" (logical, mathematical) of admin_level's values, 1 through 10 onto the USA, and vice versa.  We state that boundary=school and boundary=MPO are possible, between Minh and I at least (and likely wider) we keep the volume low, sort of sotto voce, why quack loudly of such things when there are so few entered into the map.

I welcome and respect both of these perspectives, many, really and that can be challenging.  Minh's approach of "documenting what the map says" in the wiki steps in a certain direction in the wiki that I am not used to, yet I do embrace as valid.  I'm dancing with a lot here.  US_admin_level has channeled an in-depth version of "documenting consensus of what the map should contain as admin_level values for a given entry in the table."  And here is why.  And here are esoteric aspects with some history.  Minh said "clean that messy sausage up" (well, I paraphrase he did it nicely though it had and has a few sharp edges, but I am juggling it) and I concede that it is like watching how blood clots:  slowly and with bit of mess.

That icky imagery now aside, I seek to co-exist.  Hence, listening mode.  To Richard's "why not" I say, yeah, you can.  Not a lot do, that is another data point to consider. I think I can number boundary=school on two hands.  On Earth.  They can be broken out, perhaps some sunny day and we have and do speak about it and we keep our voices low about it, partly because the numbers are small.  Enough said.

New York is a beast in this regard.  We don't need to "start spreading the news" about that fact, it is well stated and if we need to keep discussing it, we shall.  Maybe this is what Frederik meant when he said "out of hand."  It can seem like we're talking it to death.  I welcome this polite and civil discourse.  We can take it to the talk page of "Nine state improvement" or perhaps better still, the wiki itself.  We might be at the point where we are wobbling a bit with some capture-able semantics with a few tightening up at levels 8 and 9 in a few to several states.  That is progress, and it can continue off of talk-us or on.  Maybe we break out into different threads.  This is a big thread.

It might be obvious, but I don't mind talking about this.  We do remain civil here, I appreciate that.  And I agree I can be loquacious.  Yet, this is medium-large important, taking more than a few words, I think.


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