[Talk-us] Tiger Zip Data Removal Project (Update)

Richard Fairhurst richard at systemeD.net
Mon Jul 17 10:51:51 UTC 2017

Marc Gemis wrote:
> I wonder whether it is interesting to know the difference between
> concrete, asphalt and pervious concrete. All three have different
> characteristics whether it be comfort for the cyclist or being
> dangerous under icy conditions or durability under heavy loaded
> trucks. What do you think ? Is it worth recording those differences
> for paved roads ?

Absolutely - it's certainly worth recording if you have the time and 
information. Similarly 'unpaved' is worth breaking down into dirt, 
gravel, fine_gravel etc.

But OSM is iterative - data gets better over time. So if you're trying 
to make a lot of changes fast, paved/unpaved is much better than 
nothing, and someone can come along and make it more detailed later. I 
generally tend to concentrate on the paved/unpaved split but I'm always 
delighted to see when people have done more detailed tagging.


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