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On 11/07/2017 11:46, Kerry Irons wrote:
> If all of you want to have some fun with jurisdictional boundaries, take a look at College Corner, OH/IN.  It is a village purposefully straddling the OH/IN state lines with the main street being the state line.  It has two zip codes, is in three counties (two in OH, one in IN) and school district issues to match.  It puts paid to a lot of ideas we all have about jurisdictional hierarchies and boundaries.  Delmar in Delaware/Maryland has similar, though not quite as complicated issues.  I'm sure there are other examples

In terms of administration, West College Corner, Indiana, and College 
Corner, Ohio, are two distinct municipalities incorporated under the 
laws of their respective states, even though they form a single 
community. There's a West College Corner welcome sign as you cross into 
Indiana on U.S. 27. [1]

There are other "twinned" cities along the Ohio-Indiana border -- 
namely, Union City and Harrison (with West Harrison) -- but this is the 
only pair that shares a school district (in practice, if not on paper). [2]

[1] https://goo.gl/maps/R91qvcRj16m

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